Keyless Guard (KG) ™




WHAT IS A KEYLESS SYSTEM – a keyless system is intelligent communication between your car and key. This makes your life significantly easier. Your car is equipped with sensors that constantly monitor a 3-meter area around your car, and these sensors search for the signal from your key. The key is equipped with a low frequency transmitter. If the key signal is sensed around the car, the door is unlocked automatically, without you having to remove the key from your pocket or handbag. You can enter the car and start it by pressing a button. This is strikingly simplified compared to old keys, when you needed to find the key, unlock the door, turn the key switch and start the car.


DANGER OF THE KEYLESS SYSTEM - The creators of this system did not take into account the ingenuity of thieves. They were able to create a key signal amplification system and increase its range to 150 m. Imagine being at home or in a restaurant. Your car is locked and the key is in your handbag. A thief using a laptop and an antenna can amplify the signal so that his accomplice can easily get in the car and drive off, without you noticing anything. The only way to protect yourself against such thieves before KEYLESS SAFETY arrived was to hide the keys in special bags that blocked the key's signal. However, in doing so you lose the advantage of a keyless system, when you don't have to handle the key. You are now back in the cycle of taking out the bag, getting the key, unlocking the car, hiding the key and hiding the bag.


KEYLESS GUARD very simply and effectively eliminates this problem with a simple, effective and patented system. You insert a simple clip with a 3D motion sensor and a special program into your key. This program constantly evaluates the motion sensor signals. If the algorithm shows that the key wasn't moved for 2 minutes (you put down your bag, handbag or coat containing the key), the key battery is disconnected. The key will then stop transmitting the keyless signal. Then, all you need to do is pick up the bag again, and the 3D sensor will notice the movement, reconnect the battery and restore all the key's functions.


Our system was tested for 8 months on 64 car models, and we have not noticed a single problem with the key's functionality.

This solution is simply clever and  unique. There is no need to intervene in car and key electronics. In case of breakdown you only remove the keyless guard from the key.

You can watch easy installation keyless guard to your key in this video: