1. Can I insert the Keyless Guard into my key myself? Yes, it's easy. For each key, we have a video guide on how to do it + photos of how to properly place the Keyless Guard in the key.


  1. What tools do I need for this? A small screwdriver is enough.


  1. Can I damage a key by inserting a Keyless Guard into it? No, if you follow the instructions.


  1. Is Keyless Guard the same for all types of keys? No, there are more Keyless Guard models. They differ in size, location of expansion strips, etc. Therefore, you must select Keyless Guard according to your key.


  1. I can not find my key in your product offering. Not all keys support the Keyless Guard. But we constantly expand the offer and update the list of keys that is supported. Before we add a key, it must go through complex testing process.


  1. How does Keyless Guard interfere with the key? The Keyless Guard disconnects the battery when the key does not move and plugs in when the key moves. It does not interfere with electronics or key software. Therefore, the Keyless Guard can be removed at any time and the key will be in the exact condition as it was before insertion.


  1. What happens if the key turns off while driving a car? An information warning pops up on the dashboard that the key is not in the car. The warning does not interfere with the function of the car, it is only informative.


  1. Can it cause an accident? No, the alert is for information only. Just move the key and the alert will disappear.


  1. What if my key stops working? Most likely, the battery is low. Just replace it. The car should report in advance that the key battery is low.


  1. What should I do if it happens somewhere on the road and I don't have a spare battery? Use the mechanical key to unlock the car and place the key on the deck to activate the emergency start. This problem is quite common for all cars and the manufacturer describes in the car manual how to proceed in this case. You should read this procedure even without using Keyless Guard.


  1. What should I do if Keyless Guard stops working? All you have to do is take it out from the key and claim it with us. The key will remain exactly as it was before the Keyless Guard was inserted.


  1. How long is the Keyless Guard warranty? 24 months.


  1. How do I know that after inserting the Keyless Guard, that the key works? The keys are divided into 2 types:


  1. a key containing a red light that flashes when one of the buttons is pressed.
  2. a key that does not have a signal light


For the first model, after inserting the Keyless Guard and assembling the key, it is enough to press some of the buttons that are on the key. If the light flashes, the key is fully functional.


For the second model, you have to insert the Keyless Guard, assemble the key. Then come to the car and try to unlock (by pressing the button on the key and by pulling the handle). If the car is opened, the Keyless Guard works.


  1. What should I do if the key does not work? It is necessary to settle the Keyless Guard exactly in the key, as it is shown on the picture next to the key on our website. Keyless Guard will work after precise placing in the key and its assembly.


  1. How do I know that Keyless Guard has turned off the key? Place the key somewhere in an intact place, ideally on a fabric, so that it absorbs the surrounding moves. Wait for the prescribed time, and then carefully press one of the buttons whilst not moving the key. If the key does not flash, it is off. Then just lift the key and press the button. If the key flashes, it is reactivated. If there is no red light on your key, you must try this procedure near the car. We put the key somewhere near the car, wait for the prescribed time. Then by pulling the handle or pressing the button, we will test whether the car can be unlocked. If the car does not get unlocked the key is off. Then just move the key and try to unlock the car.


  1. Why is there a white tape on the Keyless Guard? It is used to securely push the Keyless Guard to the battery and fill the space inside the key. It is flexible to prevent damage to the key.


  1. Why is it neccessary to change a battery in certain models of the keys? You need to create free space to insert the Keyless Guard. A narrower battery is inserted into the key to allow the Keyless Guard to fit into it. The battery has the same voltage, only it is narrower by 1mm.


18. When I placed the battery in the Keyless Guard, the red light on it flashed, what is it for? It indicates that Keyless Guard has been activated. This happens each time the Keyless Guard is turned on after deactivation.